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About our employees

Employee voices

Our employees are the heart of Allgaier Agrarhandel. Their passion, commitment and expertise make us the successful company we are today. On this page, some of our colleagues share their personal experiences and insights into their daily work. Find out first-hand what it means to be part of the Allgaier team and how we work together to develop and produce high-quality products.

Disposition of general cargo and domestic and international forwarding

Sabrina Starzmann

I am Sabrina Starzmann and have been part of the Allgaier Agrarhandel team since August 2018. I originally completed my training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk here and am now in charge of the general cargo scheduling and domestic and international forwarding departments. As Hannes Fink’s right-hand man, I also take care of customer service and invoicing. Since fall 2023, I have also been responsible for supervising trainees together with Ferdinand von Detten, which I really enjoy.

The decision to apply to Allgaier was influenced by various factors. On the one hand, the company is very well known and respected in the region. Likewise, acquaintances could only tell me good things about the company. Another plus point for me was the short commute, as my place of residence is the same as my place of work.

What I particularly like about my work here is the fun at work combined with the family atmosphere throughout the company. The strong team, the flat hierarchy and the short official channels support me every day. Collaboration with my colleagues is usually uncomplicated in a working environment that is traditional yet modern.

The team dynamic is characterized by strong cohesion, trust and mutual support. Colleagues are always on hand to help with problems, so you never feel alone.

During my time at Allgaier Agrarhandel, I was lucky enough to take part in various training courses. Starting with training courses on the right way to deal with customers and telephone calls, through to a special 3-week training course in agricultural trade, which provided me with comprehensive specialist knowledge in this area. I also successfully completed the certificate of competence in plant protection.

After my training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk, Allgaier Agrarhandel enabled me to train as a certified business administrator. This further training, supported by the company, also enabled me to take the examination for the trainer aptitude certificate. I am grateful for the continuous support and the opportunities for personal and professional development that Allgaier Agrarhandel offers me.

I recommend Allgaier Agrarhandel as an employer without reservation. The daily fun at work, the appreciation from superiors and colleagues as well as the flat hierarchy and the daily challenges make Allgaier Agrarhandel a great place to work.

Head of department 

Franz Keller

My name is Franz Keller, I am head of the warehouse department in Allmendingen and have been working for Allgaier Agrarhandel for 14 years.
I particularly appreciate the variety in my work and the constant challenges that I can face.
The team spirit within my team is excellent and we support each other in all matters.
I would definitely recommend Allgaier Agrarhandel as an employer. The family management of the company and the pronounced social attitude make it a special place to work.

Sales and processing  

Tina Morlok

My name is Tina Morlok and I have been working for Allgaier Agrarhandel in the Bondorf branch since January 2019, where I am involved in sales and processing.

What I like most is the family atmosphere in the company, as well as the varied tasks. In the spring, for example, I am responsible for the independent processing and sale of seed potatoes, while in the fall I take care of the entire cider collection.

The team dynamics in our department in Bondorf are excellent. Everyone can contribute their strengths and opinions, and if there is a problem to overcome, we find a solution together. You can feel the strong sense of togetherness in the team, especially during grain collection.

Allgaier supports my professional development at all times through various further and advanced training courses, including training as an agricultural specialist, as well as obtaining a certificate of competence in plant protection and a forklift driver’s license. I am very grateful for this.

The open communication within the team and with the management is above average, which is why I feel incredibly comfortable at the company. The Allgaier family attaches great importance to good teamwork and organizes many activities to promote team building. Whether excursions to Europapark, convivial Christmas parties or celebrations to mark the company’s 165th anniversary – all these events not only promote team spirit, but also make a significant contribution to a positive working environment.