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Feed for cattle

We are a team with many years of feeding experience, offering simple and practical feeding solutions for your farm.

Our aim is to work with you to achieve a healthy and productive herd in the long term.

Feeding is a decisive factor here. Genetic potential can only develop if the animals are fed in line with their needs and performance and if this promotes their health. In addition to targeted, comprehensive advice that suits your herd and your region, we offer an extensive product range of various feed components of the highest quality. We offer you environmentally friendly and sustainable feeding concepts to reduce methane and CO2.


Our range includes:

With our “know how” and our variety of products, we cover the needs in every performance phase of your herd, so that you can continue to enjoy working with your animals and achieve high yields.

  • Protein feed (rapeseed meal, soybean meal QS-SoyaPlus compliant, DDGS, …)
  • Individual and innovative performance feed
  • Liquid feed
  • Mineral feed
  • Milk replacer
  • Calves CARE products
  • Additives of the new generation
  • Problem solver for special stress situations
  • Farming Systems

Your contact persons:

Thomas Beer

Specialist advice for cattle
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Mathias Mayer

Specialist advice for cattle
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