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Our location in Stuttgart-Hedelfingen am Neckar is an important hub for the trimodal transportation of animal feed and other agricultural products. We offer comprehensive loading and unloading facilities for ships, block trains and trucks to ensure an efficient supply chain. With two specialized storage buildings, we are optimally equipped to store and handle NON GMO feed and GMO feed (soybean meal) separately. Our main task is to unload feed that is delivered by ship and load it onto trucks in batches of 3 to 26 tons.
 We attach particular importance to smooth processing and rapid onward distribution. We offer storage and handling as an additional service. One example of this is the collection of rapeseed from Eastern Europe, which arrives at our site by block train. With our expertise and infrastructure, we can load the goods onto ships just-in-time and thus optimize our partners' logistics. Our aim is to offer our customers tailor-made solutions and to be a reliable interface for the transportation and storage of agricultural products.

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