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The Allgaier orchard project

Orchards and special crops

Fair prices for your cider fruit. We buy your apples and pears, whether conventional or organic.

“It’s worth picking with us!”

The Allgaier orchard project:
The orchards in our region are close to our hearts. And so do their farmers. Because without the people who put a lot of effort into caring for and maintaining their trees and orchards, the orchards will slowly but surely disappear. We believe that this important work must also be remunerated.
Our organic orchard project enables producers to receive fair prices for their apples. We guarantee a minimum price of 17,- €/100kg and we cover the entire costs of the organic certification of the orchards.

  • Our orchard project has been running since 2021:
  • Over 350 participants
  • Over 20,000 organic apple and pear trees
  • Over 500 ha of certified orchards

Orchard meadows are an important cultural landscape and a trademark for our region. It’s not just walkers and cyclists who appreciate these calming recreational areas. In addition to the beauty of these extensive meadows with their mighty old trees, they also provide valuable habitats for many insects and creatures. This makes it all the more important to preserve and promote the orchard ecosystem.

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Allgaier agricultural trade

From a traditional business to a modern company

“We have been loyal customers of Allgaier Agrarhandel since the opening of the site in Gussenstadt. The proximity to our company is ideal. We always receive very competent advice and valuable support in plant cultivation and animal husbandry. What also sets Allgaier apart is the friendliness and competence of its employees, whether they are consultants, truck drivers or warehouse staff. Deliveries are not only reliable, but also extremely fast, which makes our work much easier.

Georg and Daniel Bühler

“Over 40 years ago, when we started keeping pigs, my father Leonard Sontheimer began working with Allgaier, back then with Karl Allgaier Sr. Thanks to the good cooperation and the focus on solutions, we have always received competent advice and been served to our complete satisfaction.”

wolfes hofladen
Rainer-Florian Sontheimer

“We have been working very happily with Allgaier Agrarhandel in Allmendingen for many years. What we particularly like is the large selection of products at fair prices. Together with the always friendly advice tailored to our needs, we can always find exactly the solution we need. The flexibility of the company and its employees is another aspect that really needs to be emphasized. No matter how hectic the times are, they always remain uncomplicated and reliable! The reliability, flexibility and customer orientation make Agrarhandel Allgaier a business partner with whom we will continue to enjoy working in the future!”

Philipp Kegel

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