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Futtermittel Schwein

What’s more, our range of feeds significantly promotes the health of your animals. You will notice that your sows produce a higher milk yield and that there are fewer scramblers in your herd. This not only leads to more efficient production, but also to better health and well-being for your pigs.
For the end consumer, this means excellent meat quality, which is achieved through the best possible nutrition for your pigs.
We are proud to be able to make a contribution to sustainable and quality-conscious pig farming and look forward to supporting you on this path

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Feed for pigs

With our feed specially tailored to pig farming, we want to support you in making your pigs more vital and healthier. With our range of feeds, we offer you a variety of types and components that ensure a healthy, needs-based and species-appropriate diet for your animals.
Our high-quality feeds are optimally matched to each other and guarantee not only excellent quality, but also low feed costs for you. Thanks to the wide range of feed types and components, you will achieve high growth rates for your pigs during fattening and improved feed conversion.

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