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Großhandel Pflanzenschutz

Straight feeding stuffs

Purchase and sale of genetically modified and GM-free soybean meal, rapeseed meal and Fortena® Raps Protect (rumen-protected rapeseed meal), DDGS maize and other feed materials.  

Sustainable and deforestation-free QS-Soyplus compliant soy and Europe Soy certified goods (European GMO-free soy) as well as many other certifications, see website)

 The feed is mainly used for livestock such as dairy cattle, bull fattening, pig breeding, pig fattening, laying hens and poultry fattening. The company supplies concentrated feed plants and agricultural self-mixers.

The products are sourced from the well-known oil mills of the US companies ADM and Bunge in Europe. The same applies to importers from North and South America, such as Amaggi from Brazil. Drop shipments are also made from Southern and Eastern Europe.

 The commodity is traded on the spot market and with forward contracts up to 1.5 years in advance. Hedging is done via the Chicago Board of Trade and via the paper market on the Niederrein. The goods are dispatched by Mr. Antonio Pellegrino and handled by Ms. Elke Dietz.