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In your own lane to success: Our Allgaier fleet guarantees independence, flexibility and reliability.

What began at the end of the 1970s with a single tarpaulin vehicle has developed into an impressive, ever-growing fleet of vehicles driven by our qualified and reliable drivers. State-of-the-art software not only makes the work of our dispatchers and drivers easier, but also enables effective route planning.

The satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority. We can guarantee the high quality and reliability of our transports thanks to our broad-based fleet and our excellently trained team of drivers. In order to meet all challenges, our silo area consists of several semi-trailer and trailer combinations. In the bulk goods sector, we have vehicles with moving floors in addition to the semi-trailer and trailer combinations. All our general cargo vehicles are equipped with a truck-mounted forklift. This means that unloading at the customer’s premises can always be carried out independently by our competent and responsible drivers. In order to further increase our flexibility, we are adding several vans to our fleet.

Despite our already large number of vehicles, it is still not possible for us to carry out all transports independently. In this case, we can rely on our long-standing and reliable partners who share our view of conscientious and proper transportation of our goods.

Your contact persons:

Sasha Kolb

Fleet management
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Antonio Pellegrino

Disposition of silo vehicles
Tel: +49 7391 700428Mobile: +49 176 1 70040 22Fax: +49 7391 7004 66Email:

Peter Schaude

Disposition general cargo
Tel: +49 7391 7004 13Fax: +49 7391 7004 66Email:

Sabrina Starzmann

Disposition International
Tel: +49 7391 7004 45Fax: +49 7391 7004 66Email: