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Field day Allmendingen/Pfraunstetten

Experimental field, Allmendingen-Pfraunstetten
lat: 48.31903153819195
long: 9.808863596600466

We would like to cordially invite you to our field day in Allmendingen and would be delighted to welcome you!

Here is an overview of the most important information:
– Location: BASF test field, 89604 Allmendingen – Pfraunstetten (access signposted from the center of Pfraunstetten)

– 09:30 a.m.: Field tour + 2-hour plant protection training course
– 13:30: Field tour + 2-hour plant protection training course
– 19:00: Field tour (without specialist training)

Special highlights:
– Trial types: barley, wheat, spelt, winter oilseed rape
– Additional information: Catch crop cultivation (DSV)
– Expert tips: Current developments in plant protection and application technology
– Legal topics: Lecture on the current legal situation in plant protection (in the hall at Neuer Lager, Carl-Benz-Str. 2, 89604 Allmendingen)

Organizational matters:
– Group sizes: Small groups for more personal tours and training courses
– Catering: BASF and Allgaier Agrarhandel invite you to a snack after each event
– Parking: Please follow the signs for parking at the test field

Please feel free to share this invitation with interested colleagues!

We look forward to an instructive and exciting day with you!

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