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Crop production circular

Dear readers,

Today we would like to inform you about current topics in plant cultivation. This year, cereal crops have a clear head start in development compared to previous years. The current cold weather has slowed growth and disease pressure somewhat, but cold-tolerant fungi such as Septoria, yellow rust and eyespot remain a threat. The disease pressure will increase with the forecast warm temperatures, so we recommend planning fungicide treatments in good time. For winter wheat, spelt and triticale, we recommend powerful fungicides with good curative performance and long-lasting effect. In winter barley crops at BBCH 37, fungicides should now be considered. We recommend the active ingredient Folpet for the control of Ramularia. Cerone can also be used to prevent stalk and ear bending in heavy crops. We recommend herbicide treatment for spring barley at the 3-4 leaf stage. A separate grass treatment is advisable in the case of heavy AFS growth. Remain vigilant and plan the necessary treatments in good time to protect your grain stocks in the best possible way. See you next time! Your plant cultivation team